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Time and Tide: erosion

Time and Tide: erosion is a series of stitched textural landscape-led pieces exploring the transience of the sea and coast. These pieces explore the historical Scottish folk belief that the shore was the 'in-between' space - between this world and the otherworld, between life and death. During the making of these pieces I was reflecting upon the story of Lilias Adie, an elderly woman accused of witchcraft in 1704 by the local villagers, to which she confessed. However, she died in the Dunfermline jail before she could be put on trial. She was subjected to a 'revenant burial' where she was buried on the shoreline of Torryburn Bay where a huge stone slab was placed on her coffin to prevent her from rising from the dead. These pieces are an acknowledgement of her passing, of the movements and rhythms of the sea through time and tide down to the rust and the bones. It is about the beauty and fragility and memory.

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