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Indigo Night is a beautiful digital print of a textile piece printed onto quality recycled card using an environmentally conscious chlorine-free process. This print is square at W30cm x H30cm and comes complete with a backing board and compostable plant-based cellophane. The print is titled and signed on the back. Looking for a gift for someone special? Gift wrap is available, please notify us at the checkout.

Indigo Night is inspired by a tale about ‘a snow white Hare with eyes as blue as a summer sky’ who was saved from a hunting party by a farmer. Struck by the Hare’s unusual appearance the farmer sought out the advice of Mother Boswell, a member of the travelling community and of the second sight. She was able to feel a woman’s body within the Hare’s form and surmised that it was the doing of a witches’ curse. On the night of Samhain, the man was advised to tie a string coated in beeswax around the Hare to prevent her from being summoned by the witch. Despite a great struggle, the night finally passed and the spell was broken; she was a woman once again. Natural dyes derived from indigo, alder, elderberries and oak were used to create this piece along with cyanotype printing from plant material gathered on local walks. The Hare is hand-carved from lino and printed onto silk. Hand and machine embroidery create texture and movement throughout the piece.

Indigo Night Print

  • Indigo Night
    W30cm x H30cm
    0.5cm border for framing
    Unframed with backing board
    Protected in a plant-based cellophane compostable wrapper
    Printed on quality recycled paper
    Plastic-free packaging
    Free UK postage

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