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Nature Skins: Therapeutic storytelling textiles

Nature Skins explores the therapeutic potential of textiles and storytelling as part of an immersive storytelling of The Selkie. The pieces evolved into sensory textural handling pieces, mats and cushions intended to be evocative of the coastal landscape and support the feeling of wellbeing associated with being by the sea.  The pieces were also intended to reiterate the themes of recovery and recuperation explored in the Selkie narrative.  Nature Skins was the outcome of a year long ambitious Masters research project undertaken with several focus groups to inform the textures, shapes, colours, scents and materials people find calming to inform the finished pieces . The collection features tactile 3D nature-inspired textures, textural stuffings, pockets of therapeutic scent and stitch to engage the senses and support a feeling of calm associated with wellbeing.  Varied natural dye and shibori processes were researched and developed in the dye lab and handcrafted using meditative hand-stitch into the final pieces.

original artworks, fine art prints and textiles can be found on my etsy shop

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